Lately, it seems that more and more photographs of houses on the market have that twilight look. There’s no doubt that dusk photos can appear stunning and create a real ‘wow’ factor. The lighting effects at sunset can engender a unique and special mood for the property that, in turn, can result in more online hits than some daylight photos may attract.

Properties that stand to benefit most from dusk photography have several (or in a very few cases, all) of the following features:

  • more than one level
  • external feature lighting on buildings and in gardens
  • internally, lots of halogen/LED downlights
  • well-lit outdoor entertaining areas
  • lit pools
  • waterfront location
  • tiled/polished floors, caesarstone bench tops – surfaces that reflect the light.

Dusk photography is a premium product. After all, there are only five dusk time slots available each week! And it demands a photographer who understands working in low-light conditions; who has a good eye for detail and for identifying those killer shot compositions; and who can work quickly and effectively within the very short timeframe provided by twilight in this part of the world.

We can provide you with additional information and a dusk photography checklist so that you can ensure each property is fully prepared in readiness for that important dusk shoot.


We specialise in premium dusk residential real estate photography. We understand working in low-light conditions and how to capture killer shots.


Our photographers can quickly identify those images and compositions that will best utilise the natural and artificial lighting available within the relatively short twilight period.


We can provide you with additional tips and information to ensure that your property is fully prepared in readiness for that important dusk shoot.


And you don’t have to wait longer for your fabulous dusk photos to be delivered. We guarantee next business day.